Friday, 5 July 2013

Project: Create - Day 04


Thursdays are not good days.

Impatient patients test my patience.
I force a smile,
Begrudgingly throw away
A throw-away
'Have a nice day'
To disarm them.

Swathes of statins,
Piles of PPIs,
An avalanche of anti-depressants.
Ad nauseum.

Thursdays are not good days.

6:31pm, the clock reads.
I make my move to lock the door,
When who should stand in the way of freedom
But a demanding mother.
Her little boy
(Little snot-nosed pissy-pants brat)
Needs his prescription
Letter says five working days-
Standard procedure for non-dispensing patients is two working days-

Defeated, the letter finds its way into my hand,
A part-exchange for freedom
So nearly within my grasp.
The customer is always right,
(Fucking bitch)
The patient's needs come first,
(I don't get paid enough for this shit)
To go above and beyond the call of duty,
(I'm going to be late for practice).

Doctor bends over backwards to please the patient,
Perpetually the good guys,
Making us look like
Useless jobsworths,
When nothing               could be further from               the truth.
Little boy has his prescription
And I am finally out the door.
Clock reads 6:53pm.

Thursdays are not good days.

Late out of work,
Late being picked up,
Late to band practice.

Lead guitarist turns up
With a guitar
With a warped bridge.
He knows it won't hold its tune
But spends half an hour trying to tune the
Thing anyway.
Half an hour's practice
Lost to a guitar that shouldn't even be in this
Rehearsal space.

Rhythm guitarist turns up
His amp,
Trying to outdo the others
In an unnecessary battle of decibels.

The others turn up
In turn.

And turn up.

And turn up.

Pretty soon I can't even hear my own
Drum kit
Above the din emerging from
Every amp pointed at me.
Leaving me wishing I hadn't

Turned up.

Thursdays are not good days.

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  1. I'm sorry you had such a bad Thursday, but at least you managed to make it into a very powerful and well-written poem :)