Sunday, 7 July 2013

Project: Create - Day 07

Hey guys, and welcome to my submission for the seventh day of Project: Create, a thirty-one-day challenge that tasks participants with creating something every day of July.

Today, my initial plan was to create a fun video match report for my cricket team. I'd intended to take some stills and videos of the match as it unfolded, and then cobble them together into a video parodying TV sports coverage, complete with silly commentary. Unfortunately, that plan fell apart. Due to the weather conditions, the scoring table was relocated to a shady spot under the trees. While this was beneficial to me as a scorer, it wasn't very helpful in terms of capturing the action - the angle and lighting meant that pretty much everything I took during the match was unusable.

Then, after the match, something bad happened.

I drank.

A few post-match beers at the pub isn't an unusual occurrence on a Sunday. However, beer does strange and unreasonable things to the creative side of my brain. After returning home this evening, I set about making an altogether different kind of match report...

 Welcome to today's match, being played on a rather sticky wicket in this heat!

The bowler runs in and releases his first delivery, a Yorkie-er! 

And the batsman plays a beautiful shot, right out of the sweet spot!

A fielder's picked up the ball, and now there's some confusion in the middle! Things could turn sour here!

HOWZAT!!! They've managed to run him out! There'll be plenty of Celebrations for that wicket! 

What a brilliant catch! With hands as safe as his, that catch was always a 'sherbet'!

I'm not sure what possessed me to re-create a cricket pitch using sweets and chocolates, but it was a pretty fun half-hour of arts-and-crafts-type activity. For anybody wondering, I used a square of green felt for the grass, a Milky Bar chocolate bar for the wicket, yellow Jelly Babies for the players, and a red Smartie for the ball. Also, if anybody's curious about the result of the real cricket match, my team lost by 138 runs. If that's what the conference call a 'weak-to-medium' team, I think they need to re-assess their club strength brackets.

That's all I've got for today. Join me again tomorrow when I'll hopefully be creating something a bit less ridiculous.