Thursday, 11 July 2013

Project: Create - Day 10

I apologise that today's entry is phoned in (although if you think that about today's entry, wait until you see tomorrow's). It's been a relentless day, centred around nine-and-a-half hours of work and concluding with a much-needed evening seeing comedians Ray Peacock, Ed Gamble and Mark Thomas at the Tringe Festival this evening. Now home with mere minutes left to create something, I've opted to knock together a very brief poem inspired by my job. A not insubstantial amount of the credit for this belongs to the scientists and marketing divisions who name the drugs I work with every day - thank you for being awesome enough to make so many of their names rhyme. It doesn't have a title. Hopefully it stands without one.

I spend most of my week inside a large dispensary
We hand out your prescriptions, some are paid and some are free
I thought I'd write a poem to shed light on what we do
And how the drugs we deal in get passed from us to you

We keep a stock of statins which reduce cholesterol
And loads of meds for hypertension, like Bisoprolol
There's diuretics in our drawers, including Frusemide
And diabetic meds, like Metformin and Gliclazide

We've got our share of SSRIs, like Citalopram
And in our safe we keep the hard stuff, like Diazepam
If all these meds confuse you and you feel a bit outfoxed
We'll lay your meds out weekly in a handy dosette box

Some companies are helpful and combine the drugs we use
Into a single tablet, just like Co-Amilofruse
Others come in combi-packs, in boxes rather large
And 'cause there's two tablets inside, you'll pay a double charge

These drugs all form the ins and outs of work from day to day
Dispensing at the doctor's word is how I earn my pay
It can be daunting sometimes, but there's nowhere I'd rather be
Than labelling these drugs up in this large dispensary

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