Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Project: Create - Day 15

I apologise for not getting this posted yesterday. I was in a pretty foul mood when I got in from work yesterday, and some setbacks with my initial plan (another Self Diagnosis cover on guitar) ended up falling through because I couldn't get a decent sound balance. In lieu of the failed cover attempt, I decided to spend some time messing around with my guitar and record whatever happened. I'm trying to get my head around using the pentatonic scale to write simple solos, and I figured that an off-the-cuff solo might make for an interesting addition to my Project: Create contributions. I recorded it, planned to post it, then forgot about it and fell asleep.

Twenty-four hours later, here it is for you in all its half-arsed glory. I did a few takes, and I think this was the second-best solo that came out of it (unfortunately, the best-sounding solo had a couple of bum notes, which annoyed me enough to scrap the whole thing). It's by no means perfect, but just in the half-hour or so I spent on it, I noticed my 'feel' for how the scale 'works' moved up from non-existent to sort-of competent.

Oh, and I highly doubt my friend Joe will be reading this, but just in case he is - I know, I listen to too much blues.

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