Thursday, 18 July 2013

Project: Create - Day 17

For Day 17 of Project: Create, I decided to put my face on a wallet.

That probably doesn't sound like a big deal, and certainly not something worth including under the umbrella of this project, but hear me out. It's actually an extension of a much larger creative push that I've been taking on for some time now. I'll do my best to try and explain what that push is, and how it ties in to Project: Create.

The face I'm referring to isn't my actual face. It's more a faceless caricature of myself, a line-drawing of a head that represents me. I designed it back in 2007 when conjuring up promotional material for my then-band Self Diagnosis. Long after the band dissolved, the 'face' (as I've come to refer to it) has lived on in various guises. For a while it came to represent dark times, the lack of facial features striking a chord with me at a time when I myself felt faceless and empty. These days, it carries a much more positive connotation for me - the notion of a blank slate, a canvas onto which I can project myself, much like the blank page that every piece of writing starts its life as. It serves as my avatar in many corners of the internet, including Twitter, Giant Bomb, and even this website (check the favicon at the top of the page - seem familiar?). Eventually, with a couple more tweaks, I hope for this design to act as a kind of 'hallmark', kind of like J.R.R. Tolkien's famous monogrammed insignia - a symbol that marks a piece of work as my own.

I'm not sure why I decided to put it on a wallet above any other object. I guess the notion of putting it on a shirt, while appealing, also seems a little too 'open'. By contrast, a wallet is something a person keeps close, something important, closed and guarded. Maybe it's a subconscious representation of the fact that one day, I might be fortunate enough for the two worlds to collide - that perhaps my writing could fill my wallet, or at the very least keep it from being all too frequently empty. Or maybe it's just because I need a new wallet. Whatever the reason, it seemed like a good proving ground for the design.

Here's a capture of what the wallet will probably end up looking like. I have a little more work to do on the logo, and in particular I'd like to try and get my signature in there in some capacity, but right now as proof of concept (and as a submission for this project) I think it will suffice.

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