Friday, 19 July 2013

Project: Create - Day 18

I've been at a bit of a loss for ideas for Project: Create of late. Or, to be more accurate, I have some great ideas, but I've been lacking the time to actually do them. I've had a fantastic idea for a collage, which I can't do until I manage to find enough time to get to the stationery shop and buy some A2 card. I have a couple more demos I want to record, but I won't be able to get them done until Monday at the earliest. Hell, I haven't even had enough time to put together any more of Dan Buys Some Stickers And Opens The Stickers And Lets You See What The Stickers Are On A Video: The Movie yet!

Fortunately (or perhaps unfortunately, as the ensuing blog will reveal), something happened tonight that has directly inspired tonight's Project: Create submission. Tonight, I went with my friend Tom to see some live comedy as part of the Tringe Festival. It was a great night, and we laughed a lot. On our way home, we spent some time discussing the preview of Richard Herring's new show, We're All Going To Die, which we saw on Saturday night. Little did I realise as we spoke that over the course of tonight, I'd suffered a bereavement of my own. When we finally parted ways, I reached into my pocked and retrieved my iPod with the intention of listening to a couple of shuffled tracks on the last leg of my homeward journey. I put my headphones into my ears and hit the Play button.


I've never had a pair of headphones that I've felt 'connected to' before. Headphones are a fickle, transient possession. They lack strength and break easily - be they unfortunately snagged on a door handle, or crushed under-foot as they tumble from your pocket, or inadvertently submerged in your evening beverage, it doesn't take a lot to put a pair of headphones out of commission. As a frequent user of headphones, I am by association a frequent buyer of replacement headphones. Typically, I'd say I get through a pair every six months. When they die it's no big deal, I simply head to Argos or HMV or somewhere at my earliest convenience and pick up a new pair.

But this set of headphones was different. My sister bought them for me as a present for my twenty-second birthday. That's right, folks - these babies have lasted me nearly eighteen months. Forget geriatric - in headphone-years, these things were pretty much immortal. I put them through hell, as well, and they took every bit of punishment I've ever thrown at them. I didn't do anything tonight that resulted in them being handled differently, and nor do I remember any incident that might have contributed to the deafening silence they are now destined to forever emit. To have them break on me now, and to not know exactly what happened to put them out of action, is a pretty bitter pill to swallow.

There will, of course, be other pairs of headphones. This weekend I'll most likely catch a ride to Aylesbury or Hemel and buy a replacement pair - my first such pair in well over a year. It will be strange, once again being a buyer of replacement headphones. Similarly, it will be unusual to put a foreign pair of earpieces into my ears and hear my favourite songs coming through them, sounding familiar and yet somehow different at the same time. Time is what it will take to grow used to this set of circumstances, but I'm sure I will acclimatise to those differences given enough of it. For tonight, though, I just want to say thank you to these trusty friends for serving me so well, and for so long.

Thank you, headphones, and farewell.

RIP Dan's Headphones - 28/02/2012 to 18/07/2013

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