Monday, 22 July 2013

Project: Create - Day 21

Those of you who've been following Project: Create will be aware of my current attempt to complete the Topps Premier League 2013 sticker book. One of the side-effects of that attempt has been the accumulation of a huge pile of doubles, duplicates of stickers that are already in my album. Given that nobody else I know has been working on the same sticker book, I don't have anybody with whom I can trade these doubles. So, last night, I settled on a new use for them - I made an enormous sticker collage.

After getting in from scoring the weekend's cricket match, I set about putting together this huge mish-mash of stickers. I taped some sheets of A4 paper together, and began peeling the stickers away from their backs and layering them over each other in a very haphazard fashion. I tried to keep team mates separate, so as not to overwhelm any one section of the collage with the same team colours. I tried to keep some of the more prominent players that I identify most with my sticker-search as visible as possible. The centrepiece, a David Luiz sticker over a triumvirate of Barry Bannans, seemed like a fitting tribute to both my most and least favourite players, and a welcome reminder of the last six months of sticker collecting.

The collage is laid out across eight overlapped sheets of A4, so its full size is a little smaller than A1. It took me almost two hours to put together, and although I can't be 100% certain, I'm pretty sure the finished article uses over 350 stickers (and I still have loads left!). I've embedded a few photos of the collage below, to show you how it looks. It may not be the best creation that this project has given birth to, but it's definitely one of my favourites, both in terms of originality and the sheer amount of fun I had putting it together. I think it's definitely going to be mounted on my wall for the foreseeable future.