Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Project: Create - Day 22

For Day 22 of Project: Create 2013, I decided to record another cover of an original song by my old band Self Diagnosis. Specifically, I wanted to try my hand at a solo cover of what is undoubtedly my personal favourite SD song, Lore Finding.

First, a little background on the song. I wrote the lyrics to Lore Finding in the early summer of 2007. I'd been through a difficult break-up about nine months previously, and the song is largely about the aftermath of that relationship and coming to terms with no longer being part of a pair, but on my own again. The writing process was directly kicked off by finding an old bus ticket down the side of my bed - a ticket that represented a journey I'd once taken to visit this girl I was in love with. I wrote the song's lyrics in their entirety in probably about an hour - it was very much a 'spur-of-the-moment' thing. The recording was equally spontaneous - after recording the rest of our self-recorded album Remnants, we were left with about twenty minutes to spare. I produced the Lore Finding lyrics, the guitarist Joe brought forth this beautiful acoustic riff, and they meshed together perfectly. It was an inspired moment, one that brought about perhaps the highest moment of our creative efforts so far.

So, on to my significantly lacklustre cover. I recorded this while half-drunk, after returning from a night out at darts, and as a consequence I'm really not happy with it. The guitar playing is sub-par, even for me - a lot of the picking is far too clumsy, as are some of the chord changes. My voice is also pretty flat throughout, so I apologise for that. However, this is Project: Create, and this is what I created tonight. For better and for worse, I need to let it stand as is. Speaking of which, here's the finished product:

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