Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Project:Create -Day 23

It's been a long time since I wrote poetry in a sonnet structure - I honestly don't think I've done it since GCSE at school. I figured I'd try my hand at it again tonight as my contribution for Day 23 of Project: Create. I'm certainly no Shakespeare, but hopefully it'll read okay.

I cannot help but feel I waste my time
As I lay idly in this slothful state.
A sense of balance lost, my body primed
For action, but instead I vegetate.
I long to renovate this space of mine
And turn it into something beautiful,
But effort is a luxury denied,
And all creative spark has left my skull.
I make light of my real 'bucket list',
But stickers bring not betterment of self.
My real aim in life is only this;
To see a book I've written on a shelf.
Life is a privilege; a blessed gift,
But life is not a life if left unlived.

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